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At LossieEA we believe that Fitness is a life-long journey, a daily experience and an ageless goal.
Experience tells us that Fitness is not a class, a fad diet or a quick-fix.

Maintaining the health and wellbeing of your mind, body and soul is at the heart of all our fitness programmes.
All our fitness classes encourage group participation at your own pace.

Quality is not a race, it is your life and all our fully qualified instructors are here to help you find it.

Types of fitness we cover

Boogie Bounce, Gravity Yoga, Pilates, Step Fitness & Body Toning

Fitness Courses

Flexibility & Strength
Gravity Yoga
Step Fitness & Body Toning

Introducing  Ballet Wish

The Diane Aspinall Mentoring Programme for Male & Female Dancers.
Also, see our COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures

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I am really unfit - is it ok for me to join your classes?
Absolutely! All our fitness classes are non competitive and we encourage everyone to progress at their own pace.

I’m not very flexible! Will gravity yoga help?

I am 3 months pregnant - can I exercise?
We would require clarification from your GP.