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Heels – A sassy, fierce and fabulous class, suitable for anyone wanting to let their hair down. Dance to popular, commercial chart topping music and don’t forget to bring your heels!!!

Pirouette, leap & Balance – The focus of this class is an introduction to all types of pirouettes, leaps and balances. Bridging the gap between basic skills to impressive tricks. A fantastic class that works specifically on these elements of dance.

Lossie Elite Dance Company – Entry by Audition only. For more information contact Diane at hello@lossieea.co.uk

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Junior Lossie Elite Dance Company (Sat 10.40) – Block 2 – (September 13th to October 9th), Senior Lossie Elite Dance Company (Wed 4.15) – Block 2 – (September 13th to October 9th), Pirouette, Leap and Balance (Tues 5) – Block 2 – (September 13th to October 9th), Advanced Commercial Heels (Wed 7.15) – Block 2 – (September 13th to October 9th), UNLIMITED ALL CLASS PASS* – Block 2 (September 13th to October 9th)


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